Adidas Originals Colorado Windbreaker Shiny Nylon Super Rare M


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The Adidas Originals Colorado Windbreaker is a must-have for vintage and retro enthusiasts. This shiny black, red and white hooded windbreaker is made from high-quality nylon material and is a super rare collector’s item.

With its unique color combination, this windbreaker is sure to stand out in any collection. The hood provides added protection from the elements, making it perfect for outdoor activities or casual wear.

Whether you’re an avid Adidas fan or just love retro style, this windbreaker is sure to make a statement. Get your hands on this limited edition piece before it’s gone!

Size fits men medium/large, I would say more on the large side check pictures for measurements.

Good condition – please see all photos for more specific condition. If you have any questions about this lovely item, please ask.


Original Adidas product. Stripes on sleeves!

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